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Catch Your Body Segments - "DeepCatch"

DeepCatch is powered by deep learning algorithms, enabling whole body analysis within 3 minutes.
Check out your body composition and body fat distribution through an accurate data visualization.

The Accuracy of DeepCatch Whole body Analysis Results

A comparative study comparing the deep-learning based segmentation results with the results done by a radiologist,
which was published and presented at the Korean Congress of Radiology(KCR) 2019.

class Average Dice Score(%)
Skin 95.0
Bone 98.7
Muscle 98.1
Abdominal visceral fat 97.9
Subcutaneous and intramuscular fat 98.1
Internal organ and major vessels 97.2
Intracranial structure and spinal canal 99.2
All classes combined 97.9

Clinical Applications of DeepCatch

Accurate Drug Dosing

Beyond a simple height and weight measurements, DeepCatch can save a patient’s life from drug abuse by providing accurate body composition data.


DeepCatch can provide an accurate body fat indicator in relation to morbidity and mortality.


Precise and detailed body compositions can save lives of cancer patients or patients who went through a major surgery, suffering from sarcopenia.

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