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Press Release Nanoori Hosptal, bbko, and Medical IP research signs a MOU for 'new 3D solution' - April 24, 2019

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Nanoori Hosptal, bbko, and Medical IP research signs a MOU for the 'Nw 3D solution'

Building an accurate diagnosis and education system through the ‘New 3D solution’

▲나누리병원-메디컬아이피-(주)투비코, 공동연구개발 업무협약 (나누리병원) 

▲Nanoori Hospital, Medical IP, and bbko signing a MOU at Nanoori Hospital


Nanori Hospital has signed an MOU on April 24th with bbiko, a block-chain company, and Medical IP, a specialized medical tech company to embark joint research and development of a new 3D solution. 

Nanoori Hospital expects that this ' New 3D solution', co-researched with Medical IP, allows not only medical images to become more accurately visualized 3D stereoscopic image but also enables remote medical services to provide foreign patients out of the border with a blockchain based international patient care solution.


"In the era of platform, it is important for medical institutions and health care companies to create synergy through collaborations," said Il-Tae Jang, CEO of Nanoori Hospital. "By developing new 3D solutions, I hope this agreement will be a new milestone for the medical community. "

By Eun-Hee Noh selly215@etoday.co.kr

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