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Press Release Gangwon News, Jun. 22~24, MEDICALIP Participated in ‘World Largest 3D Printing Conference’ 16.6.22

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A tenant company of Gangwon Center for Creative Economy and Innovation(the Head of center, Jong-Ho, Han), MEDICALIP Co.,Ltd. (CEO, SangJoon, Park) said that MEDICALIP will participate in the world’s largest 3D Printing Exhibition, ‘Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo’, which is held in KINTEX second exhibition (6th hall) in Goyang 3D Printing Exhibition in June 22 to 24 for 3 days.


MEDICALIP is a startup company that produces transparent three-dimensional human organ model which can judge accurately internal information of body organ through 3D Printing technology.


In this event, MEDICALIP is expected to receive attention in related industry with domestic and international first case that showcases image processing software and patient-specific 3D printed organ solutions for medical 3D printing at the same time.


‘Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo’ is a 3D printing international conference jointly hosted by US Rising Media and Kintex.


18 Countries around the world about 10,000 power buyers, investors, press officials are expected to visit in this event. Also, this event significantly strengthened conference program, four tracks including manufacturing, metal, business, medical, a total of 30 sessions by compared to previous years.


SangJoon, Park, representative of the MEDICALIP, expressed confidence in the success of business overseas by saying that “It will be a good opportunity to a variety of solution that will closely assist in the actual medical field to market lowers the barrier to entry for medical(bio) 3D printing with medical image processing that difficult for public to access through the exhibition.”


Meanwhile, the MEDICALIP has established a mentoring partnership relation with Johnson & Johnson Inc., US global pharmaceutical, medical device specialized company, on the 14th and has plan to focus on entering the global market, such as US, through Kick Starter(www.kickstarter.com), site of US representative crowd funding, in around August.

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Link : http://www.gwnews.org/news/articleView.html?idxno=80295

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